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Champaign Bar Escapes Liability for Negligent Eviction

September 2020

Heineke & Burke secured an appellate victory in February 2020 for a Champaign bar accused of negligently evicting a drunk patron. A three-judge panel issued a published opinion affirming dismissal of a suit accusing Round Robin Enterprises of negligence and violation of the Illinois Dram Shop.

The second district held our client owed no duty and did not proximately cause the fatal fall that occurred while the patron walked home.

Court Publishes Aptly Articulated Case on Nightclub Owners’ Liability

October 2019

Heineke & Burke obtained for its client a favorable dismissal in the Cook County lower court, that was recently upheld on appeal to the 1st District Appellate Court. Initially released as a non-precedent setting Rule 23 order last month, Heineke & Burke convinced the Appellate Court to publish the case […]

Dismissal of Slip and Fall case is Affirmed by Appellate Court

September 2019

Heineke & Burke recently was successful in preserving a dismissal of a case when the First District Appellate Court of Illinois affirmed the trial court’s order granting summary judgment in favor of the defendants Lakeview Pantry, St. Alphonsus, and the Catholic Bishop of Chicago and against the plaintiff in a […]