Bob graduated from the University of Illinois with an accounting degree in 1988 and decided to forgo a career in tax accounting to follow the footsteps of his late father Robert, Sr. toward a career in defense of personal injury cases. Immediately after completion of law school at DePaul University, Bob began his employment at Heineke Burke LLC in 1988, and for the last thirty-two plus years has concentrated his practice in the defense areas of Liquor Liability (Illinois Dram Shop Act), Negligent Security, Premises Liability, General Liability, as well as bowling alley, concert, and amusement venue claims.

Bob has extensive experience in the defense of personal injury claims and has successfully tried to verdict in excess of one hundred trials within the State of Illinois. His trial experience of the last thirty years has generated the respect of opposing counsel as a preeminent defense trial attorney. It is his unique trial success, advanced trial skills, and proven track record that allows his clients to pursue favorable pre-trial settlements which ordinarily would not be available.

Bob believes that his meticulous preparation, unique insights, and memory recall of the facts of each case, as well as his court room demeanor have led to his continued trial success. Every one-of-a-kind event that has occurred during a trial has already occurred numerous times during Bob’s trial career.

Bob is an avid sports fan, and has successfully completed over fifty triathlons and marathons, including two Ironman Triathlon competitions, and now enjoys his free time by exercising and hiking in various National Parks. He is the father of five children and currently resides in downtown Chicago.

Professional Associations

Bob is a member of the Chicago Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association.